29, a poem written by Greg Massey at Spillwords.com

29 by Greg Massey


written by: Greg Massey



It’s been so long
the sun has shone on many days;
the moon has graced us with her many phases,
but the stars are still in place.

Hearts have pounded,
and have been pounded upon,
and minds have stood at the threshold
of clarity and insanity,
but the stars are still in place.

So long
has been long enough for the mind to have
unless it was to be retained
as it has been
for so long.

So long
has been a time for reflection
while masking the pain that
comes along with
So long.

The sun shines on today,
the moon graces us on this night,
but the stars are still in place;
they wait
as they have done
for so long.

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