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written by: Elizabeth Sams


Did he take that shot/ to escape a reality/ that he could not face/
in a world he could not endure/ from a place he could not understand/
did he hide a version of himself/ a side that he could not share/ with anyone/
one moment of desperation/ and a dead soul/ a struggle/ a ball and chain/ a family/
did he wish for a life so very different/ not what he lived/ something better/
a mecca/ the end of the rainbow/ where a pot of gold/ boiled over/
waiting as tenuously as his heart for redemption/ for reckoning/
for a white light/ for the parts of him buried/ or/ for a happy ending.

Elizabeth Sams

Elizabeth Sams

Elizabeth Sams retired as a nurse educator, consultant and health care leader in pursuit of her love of writing buried under a bush for so long. She has had many articles, documents, reports, curriculum pieces, organizational histories and programs, and creative workshop materials used and published during her nursing career. As a consultant in leadership areas, Elizabeth developed workshop and promotional materials for an international team-building organization. Elizabeth is currently writing in several genres: poetry (traditional, free verse and prose), children’s board books/short stories/poetry, creative non-fiction/memoir, and fiction. She began submitting her work in May 2020 and has been pleased to have her work published in Plum Tree Tavern Journal, The Writer’s Group/Grey Thoughts Literary Journal, Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Gabriola Arts Council Newsletter and The Drabble Quarterly.
Elizabeth Sams

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