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At 1AM

written by: Funmilayo Obasa


At 1am my lips fold into words,
My eyes find sleep & I'm alone with
A pen and book.
My skin is numb/emotionless—
Drawing close to the cricket sounds
From the church across the street.

The church across the street
Filter their letters into tongues;
Apostles on Pentecost day.
The church across the street sing
Songs of worship at 1am, with their
Bodies wrapped in corduroys of guilt.

Funmilayo Obasa

Funmilayo Obasa

Oluwafunmilayo Obasa, a non-fiction writer, poet, and photographer is passionate about documenting muffled stories with her art. Writing from Kwara, Abuja, or whichever place she finds herself, her words tend to paint the spontaneity of her imagination, humanity & equality (for all), desires, and emotions, in abstract ways, forging a relationship between society and existence.
Funmilayo Obasa

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