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Traffic Light

Traffic Light

written by: Nicole Cheng



There is a red light in between us,

It’s a sign that something is wrong.

There is no heart, only a beat,

One, two, three, four, five I would say.

I’m afraid of leaving, I’m in fear of staying.

I can’t say that I love you;

I can’t say I hate you.

You’ll always be my love, my soul,

But the issue is you’re a monster.

Even though your kisses became kicks

And your hugs became hits;

You may have thrown me in the mausoleum

And you push me down to my grave,

I still want you by my side.

I want to make gears turn in machines,

And make the windmill spin.

Alas, the monster in you has taken over:

You continue to bring more agony to me;

You brought more pain to me;

And you’ve got me frozen in cracked amber.

I just want to become a fresh ember

As the flame burns the house down.

But simultaneously,

I cannot leave you,

I cannot betray you,

I cannot hate you.

I still want you, even though you’ve changed.

I still need you, despite your brutal ways.

I want to be a baby bird from the nest;

I want to be a cloud floating in the sky;

I want to be a kitten roaming in the garden.

But I still want to be with you.

As the yellow light appears

Before our eyes,

We continue to spread our love for one another,

Though, that could be a sign of danger.

I don’t want any more of your pain,

I don’t want any more of your monstrous ways,

All I want is a green light.

No more red lights,

No more yellow lights.

Just a green light in between us,

And maybe we can make this work.

Even if there is a red light,

Even if there is a yellow light,

I refuse to leave, I want to stay;

Though, I don’t want any more beats,

I want more hearts in between us.

Please, let there be a green light in our love,

So you can take me away.



If you or somebody you know fell victim to domestic violence or showed any signs of an abusive relationship, call for help. They’ll always be there for you.

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