BLACK ROSE by Madhumita at



written by: Madhumita



The velvety dark night draws towards an end
coveting emotions surge and spread inside
courageous goals of colourful dreams stare from a distance
the muted quiet solitude beats with the heart
as it feels the strong desires, resilient
shining gloriously with the first golden rays, the day exalts
achievement of love, the consummation, happy sighs of contentment.
Glancing at the colour stains of yesterday
hopelessness floats out of the window as the flowy breeze wipes the condensed tears from the glass

The curtain flows like the silky night, gradually
silence flows in tune with it, rhythmically
My eyes still look ahead, though heavy with sleep
the eyelids laden with dreams, flutter, and droop
as the petal of the redbud opens, with all thoughts in repose
eclipsing the dark night and the black rose!

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