Echoes Lightening My Soul, poem by Pramod Rastogi at

Echoes Lightening My Soul

Echoes Lightening My Soul

written by: Pramod Rastogi


I love the early morning street
So meditative in its loneliness,
Yet in readiness for the crowds
To walk in it with their burdens,
Whiplashing the road’s heart,
With echoes of pain in my veins.

I love the early morning mist
In all its innocence and delight,
Which, indifferent to its short life,
Draws a light veil on my eyes.
That mist shrouds the deep in an enigma,
Whose echoes breathe with me.

I love the early morning chirps,
So much to say in such a short time,
So many jerks, so much clamor,
Yet all is said in a sound of music
That reverberates across the sky
With its echoes absorbed in me.

I love the early morning stars, which,
While bowing out, revive the sky’s light,
Abdicating their place to the dawn,
And through this humility say it all
In a sign of love that will twinkle forever,
Its lightening echoing in my soul.

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