Song of Life, a poem written by Mike Turner at

Song of Life

Song of Life

written by: Mike Turner



A single note
Can time recall
A silent pause
Tells story, all

Deep rhythm, slow
Sets somber tone
While cello sounds
A low, soft moan

A settling verse
Paints loss and grief
While a rising chorus
Brings on sweet relief

Tuned voices join
Sweet harmony
Whilst a clear, high tenor
Sings what hope can be

All lifetime, lived
Just three minutes long
‘Tis all history’s story
Told in joyous song

Mike Turner

Mike Turner

Mike Turner retired to the US Gulf Coast after a 27 year career as a Federal law enforcement executive. A brief flirtation with the ukulele brought him to the world of writing songs and poetry. Mike writes in a variety of genre, from traditional blues, folk and country to jazz and gospel; along with meter and free verse. When not writing, Mike sails a historic schooner on the Gulf of Mexico.
Mike Turner

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