Awakening of Soul, poetry written by Saarthak Haldar at

Awakening of Soul

Awakening of Soul

written by: Saarthak Haldar



Abstruse entity spread in air
Everything altered like a bolt from the blue
Abruptly paused, continuous pace of human lives.
Caught us all, obscure fear of an unknown flu.

But once, bounded by monotonous habits
forgotten, life is a bewitching grandeur
Possessed by stress and worries
Only left in human, choleric nature.

Once strange heaviness dwelled in soul,
Ignored the heavenly pleasure outside.
Once lost in our own world
God forgotten, by degeneracy, our soul was tied.

When, stopped all human activities
Cringed fearfully, forced by that entity
The pressure to run in the rat race disappeared from the throng.
As a part of the throng, same occurred with me.

Illusionary cage of thoughts
shattered into pieces
Broke loose, shackles of dreary habitually.
Rejuvenated the soul within, once faded, full of creases.

Sensed, recovery of the inner soul,
once weathered out in the constant hard, painful times.
Sensed, recovery of eroded emotions.
Gradually, pains of the past sublimed.

Seen dancing flowers in the breeze with fluttering butterflies,
Soul satisfied as it came to my sight.
Seen drifting and gliding, alluring storks and raptors
in the open blue, unbounded sky.

Divine feeling, enormously overwhelmed
God’s mesmerizing beauty, as I savoured,
extreme joy and peace I found
as I uncovered beatific mysteries of God’s handcrafted nature.

With a fresh start, now, forgot every boundary
the trapped imagination of mine.
To unventured horizons of this limitless world
the birds of my mind, started soaring high.

Saarthak Haldar

Saarthak Haldar

Saarthak Haldar is a science writer and a poet. He likes to express his thoughts and feelings through poetry. He has written science articles and journals, but he likes writing poems. His poems are on human emotions and about nature.
Saarthak Haldar

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