A Dream, poetry by Linda Joyce Cooper at Spillwords.com
Annie Spratt

A Dream

A Dream

written by: Linda Joyce Cooper


You came to me
In a dream
You looked so peaceful
It was like I was seeing you
When you were younger
You were quiet and still
You were looking at me
Or so it seemed
Behind you was a beautiful
English cottage
And a garden of delphiniums
And lots of other tall plants
Everything was iridescent
The flowers, the garden, you
I remember how you loved to garden

We were quiet for a while
Everything was still
And then
I heard the words
‘I have to go and look after
Someone else’s garden now’
It was like you were saying these words to me
But your lips did not move
I was shocked into a feeling
Of finality
You were gone
And you were no longer my Dad
My loving memory of you lingers on

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