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written by: Dan Leicht



“Each day is the same schtick,” he said,
sitting with his co-worker Mark
drinking their morning coffees. “This is what adulthood is,
Brad,” replied Mark. “You come in, day in and day out, repeat
the same tasks over and over and then you go home.
Keep it at for around thirty years, maybe forty, and then pinch
pennies for the rest of your life.” Brad wasn’t convinced
all life had to offer was the repetition of days, months, years,
until finally reaching the day
he could use the money he’d saved to visit casinos on the weekends.
He’d been taking acting classes after work
for a few years and saw the craft as a means
to make his big break. If he could make it as an actor nothing
could stop him; he’d be a new person with each job he picked up,
he could be anyone. Mark didn’t see the bigger picture,
Brad was sure of it. “There’s more out there,” said Brad,
“the world doesn’t swirl around inside this cup, it’s out there
being tested by dreamers and innovators.
We just have to seek it out.” Brad looked out the window
as he spoke, confident in his words.
“That’s all well and good,
but we have three minutes to finish these coffees
before the budget meeting,” replied Mark.
“Crap,” said Brad.

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