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Rare And Precious

Rare and Precious

written by: Amanda Eifert



You dreamed of you,
I dreamed for me,
We had our own purposes,
Motivations in life.
I dreamed of you
You began as a sideshow,
As a darkened path lit up, revealed,
Paths in every direction before me,
The future awaited so I chose,
The light guiding my feet with benevolence.
I dreamed of you,
You dreamed of me first.
You’d never admit it,
How distance, me having a life,
Having both “our lives,”
With individual aspirations,
Was not enough for you;
But for us to be us, we required both —
Separation and togetherness.
And we had dreams, amazing ones,
But our pathways often diverged.
The stars left trails of pixie dust,
And I chased a flash of light.
Gleaming trails of sunlight, endless dawns,
Dreams to soften life’s aching realness.
An enlightened glow of escapism,
To soften the verbal blows in our spats.
You travelled upon the barren earth,
Always practical, grounded in such a way —
You never let yourself think or wonder,
Or look up at the heavenly lights.
For you were earthy and real,
And chose to walk in the shadows;
No matter how black the night became.
I was a star-gazer a light glider,
A unicorn among horses.
You were a delicious temptation,
Someone too real.
Humour, words simple, straight —
Emotionless without deep feeling,
You were trapped within your soul
Accepted blindness and faithlessness,
But for the laughter that hid your pain.
Your world was a coffin,
So I brought my star suit,
Donned my pink sunglasses —
And I flew with reluctance,
Gazing back at you.
Not knowing how I could,
Bring your concrete feet,
Into the light, for your well-being,
To show you an explosion of hope,
ln the ever-glow of dreams.
You dreamed of you,
I dreamed of me.
Parts of the future brought excruciating pain,
Sickness I never knew existed.
Parts of the journey were,
Us as hang gliders, taking off of life’s cliffs.
Gasping for air as we swooped, sailed through air,
Our hearts beating loudly.
Inhaling, almost choking,
As we sailed; the earth below was dizzying.
Lifted on winds we climbed,
And with every drop, my stomach knotted,
But I knew that growing was painful.
I clutched your warm skin,
For sometimes being grounded in you,
Keeps me safe when light exposes fear.
We were swaddled in childhood dreams,
With electric moments in time.
I’m still riding these trails of glimmer,
Finding reality through imagination,
star-dust a coping mechanism.
Dreaming the stories that make,
Our earthy grim life magnificent.
Interlaced with possibilities, capabilities —
The potential of each moment;
Of tomorrows stretching out before us,
The beauty of pain throbbing,
As the hang glider lands,
We suck in breath, terrified and thrilled.
I tried to teach you to ride comets too,
Then you forgot your unicorn glitter.
While you’re in the everyday where sickness,
Where death, the grim reaper’s steps deride;
I must find us hope in the fantastical.
But I know your special place
Where humour and sleight of hand lifts —
Spirits and smiles.
I know you dream of your life,
As I dream of my mine.
Let me forgive myself for our past,
As Shadowfax with a unicorn’s horn,
Let me ride swiftly into the dawn,
Bringing us both pure startling light.
Let’s discover that enchanted current,
Of the winds as we ride,
As we sail past earth’s boundaries.
You have your dreams, they develop with you,
I have my effulgent dreams too.
And the brilliance of the sunset,
The crisp Autumn air,
Reminds me to keep breathing in,
Coping in my world of hope,
So someday you understand,
What an authentic rare breed,
A unicorn truly is,
How rare and precious,
You are yourself.

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