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Driving and Biking: Beach Glory

written by: Amanda Eifert



Speak vibrant to me of fast cars, rising rapid freedom;
Bicycle paths leading through rocky trails of delight needed.
Let, not the world ache as we fly,
Find new beginnings, to e’er try.
New paths (less hills), and full throttle;
Zipping past green shattered bottles.
No tires let puncture: here let’s speed,
Diamond trails, grit gravel revealed.
Tell me of wondrous places we can see, ride towards free;
In celebration rev engines, bike with purpose, grand glee.


Yesterday, in the car we travelled, fled roads far;
We drove past the vast ocean-teal in my saxe vintage car.
We pushed the pedal hard and fled,
As if we we’re chased by the FEDS.
Imagined car chase past beaches,
Ocean rushing forth and reaching;
Car parked at twilight ‘neath red skies,
Spinning wheels, we delighted.
Ocean's calm hush sweeping blush-sand; we drove without much haste,
Now, we’ve returned to roads; thrilling adventure we taste.


In the car’s saxe trunk we’d stored our speedy bikes; we’d flown here far.
Our tires air-filled, bike speeds geared right; some sights we remarked.
We left the saxe vehicle,
We biked paths, ocean agreeable;
From a wind sweeping vantage point.
We fled as if chased quick, adroit.
We passed through waves hitting hot sand,
Down rocky trails we despanded.
Breathing salt, sweat, tiredness; inhaling liberty we cycled.
Through the beach, trees, rocky paths, all our pain lifted, lightened.


As skies turned navy-ink, we returned bikes to trunk;
We removed wheels, then in sand ate our midnight lunches.
Enveloped with blankets from backseat —
Warmed tired limbs as night greeted.
We rested ate sandwiches, cake;
Hoisted a tent in our tired state.
Lulled by the waves song, there we slept;
Vintage car, trusty bikes — freedom lept.
What sweet joy had we, far from noise, driving in sunbeams;
In gladness cycled, on beach tented, souls together seamed.

Amanda Eifert

Amanda Eifert

Amanda M. Eifert is a writer from Alberta, Canada. She blogs at wordpress - Mandibelle16 and you can find some of her recent poetry in an upcoming NaPoWriMo Anthology for 2020. Loves writing, dogs, and her dear friends and family!
Amanda Eifert

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