The Moonshiner Poet, poetry by Troy DeFrates at

The Moonshiner Poet

The Moonshiner Poet

written by: Troy DeFrates


Wistfully scribbling frantic notes to capture
ethereal emotions and feelings,
he becomes lost in the copper patina
captured reeling,
perched on the onion head,
refracting shades as reflections of scales now dead,
across the mercilessly hammered surface.

The poetic balance held within the still
is distilled not for the essence of the spirits,
rather for a deeper message and its merits.

A message that delivers the goodness of hope,
the white crystalline purity of sea glass,
distilled into his jar.
Bringing an open invitation for adventure from afar,
to be shared in earnest, as kind as a gesture,
slowing your own life down,
allowing another to serenely pass in front of you.
With no Albatross to guide us,
we are neither here nor there,
as lost as the tasteless skittering of the bubbles,
sliding across the laughter of the moonshine
without a care.

The Poet Moonshiner relishes the moment
as he captures whisps of moonlight,
turning it into quicksilver,
capturing liquid, fire, as it delicately shivers,
encasing it in a loosely bound ring,
to be released, to be respected, to be enjoyed,
gentle peace to bring.

Copper lines of ink flow from his pen,
as the reflection of the moonlight
within the flash of the silver nectar,
reveals his true identity for an instant then,
licking his lips, seeking that smooth melt,
the kind that touches your bones to be felt.

Squeezing the fog with the fire,
burning eloquently,
the still releases an essence of simplicity,
that creates an abyss within abuse’s complicity.

In the morning with nothing but ash and dreams,
his tongue is swollen, nothing as it seems,
he drank all night to chase his blues away,
smiling as he holds his jar of words captured
as a firefly to be released again upon his paper.

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