The Love of A Mother, a poem written by Marian Wood at

The Love of A Mother

The Love of A Mother

written by: Marian Wood



Our roots are deep just like my thoughts and her red sweater,
Looking at her I decided that life can only get better.
Through what we go through and all life’s challenges,
The discussions we have had to put our minds at ease.

Walking now we admire nature’s true beauty,
The animals, the plants and the wonderful country.
The sounds that the wind makes as it sings through the trees
As they stand there swaying against the breeze.

My daughter, she looks at me and starts to smile,
My heart melts as I stare back for a while.
I take her hand and we then continue to walk,
Looking at the floor, my beautiful daughter begins to talk.

Discussing the woods and discussing the leaves,
Watching the rabbits as they play in the trees.
Looking at the squirrels as they jump from bough to bough,
We both wished our walk wasn’t nearly over now.

Enjoying our time together, just the two of us,
Without daddy or her brother, no stress or fuss.
The time spent alone as just daughter and mother,
A love that can’t be replaced, a love like no other.

We walk and we talk, and my child starts to laugh,
As we sit and watch some rabbits play on the path.
We now pull our coats around us so tightly,
As the winter wind, it moans, it does not blow lightly.

We are very soon now back at the car,
Strapping my daughter in, we don’t have to drive far.
Skipping through the afternoon traffic,
My daughter falls asleep, our walk was terrific.

As we arrive home, I am greeted by my son,
He was happy at home with daddy he hadn’t wanted to come.
I hugged him and assured him it was his turn tomorrow,
So, what did he want to do, it was my turn to follow.

As a mother of two most wonderful children,
I don’t find it hard to want to spend time with them.
For the times and the pleasures that our children bring,
Relax and enjoy them, try to make time to sing.

So, the roots of love between a child and their mum,
Could be traced right back to before their life had begun.
From knowing the baby is there until that first kick,
Or maybe to the first time that mum felt sick.

So tomorrow it is a day for mother and son,
A day to go out and try to have some fun.
Whilst our daughter spends time alone with her daddy,
She really adores him and he makes her happy.

So, the roots of our love trace back to before birth,
Forging a love that is greater than anything on earth.
The time spent together alone with my family,
Is always good as we are a powerful entity.

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