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A Worldwide Pandemic Poetry

A Worldwide Pandemic Poetry

written by: Marian Wood



The state of the world, the state of our country,
A pandemic has hit, it’s really rather nasty.
The chaos its caused, to the global economy.
The call for a lockdown, and now freedom is not free.

People losing their jobs, or being redeployed.
For now, our lives, are temporarily destroyed.
Many people are now vulnerable and alone,
And many more are now working from home.

For some from work they are taking a break,
As the Chancellor knows there’s more than money at stake.
For some can now rest after being furloughed,
80% of their wages, for some a hard road.

The NHS and keyworkers we continue to work,
The teachers have the children, some need the support.
Watching others home school while we do our best,
Working hard, we are tired and stressed.

Calling for an end to this Corona Virus,
We hope that the nation is really behind us.
People meeting friends for simple recreation,
Please stay at home, help end this devastation.

A trip to the supermarket is greeted with a queue,
One in, one out it’s the best they can do.
Working so hard at trying to be safe,
No one wants to catch it and face masks are rife.

So, do you shop for just what you need?
Or do you buy extra, but not exceed.
The stress of the supermarket, of just getting food,
It’s no longer easy and people can be rude.

This morning I lay in bed as an NHS worker,
Thinking do I go now for the NHS shopping hour?
My bed it was warm, and I pulled up my duvet,
Knowing the queue later, it will not go away.

A queue to get in and a queue to get out,
The British public can make me scream and shout.
This pandemic has thrown us into the same situation,
None of us happy all moaning about our morning mission.

I keep reading that this is unprecedented,
For this overused word, my patience hasn’t relented.
This is something we thought we’d never live through,
And smile and carry on, is all we can do.

So here we are now with the kids stuck at home,
COVID -19 brings quality time, we are not alone.
For now, we have to make the most of what we have,
We don’t know the future and we have to be brave.

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