Christmas Day Poetry, a poem written by Marian Wood at
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Christmas Day Poetry

Christmas Day Poetry

written by: Marian Wood



It’s Christmas morning and Santa has been,
The children’s faces are a sight to be seen.
As they come into our room, dragging their sacks,
They climb into our bed and we can no longer lie and relax.

Then there’s the presents under the tree,
The children are now as excited as can be.
Will he get the train he wants? Will she get that doll?
For mum and dad the stress is building and taking its toll.

Mum and Dad are now sorting out the food,
Mixing the stuffing, entering into the mood.
Parsnips and carrots, brussels sprouts and broccoli,
Chipolatas, bacon, gravy, bread sauce and turkey.

After dinner everyone has had their fill,
The amount of food eaten, makes us feel ill.
The main course, the starter, the Christmas pudding,
Everyone enjoys mum and dad’s cooking.

So into the afternoon, who will fall asleep?
Will dad be snoring in his chair? Sitting in a heap.
Will the children still be bouncing off the walls?
Or will they now answer when mum calls?

Christmas day is always filled with delight,
With its good moments, sunny and bright.
The stress and hard work, the ups and downs of the season,
It is always important to remember that we do this for a reason.

It’s not just about buying lots of new toys,
To put happy smiles on our girls and our boys.
Or buying mum that all important gift,
Not wanting to cause an impossible rift.

On this day we must always remember,
The cute boy child lying in a manger.
Mary and Joseph and the three wise men,
The donkey, the shepherds, the sheep in a pen.

The children’s nativity is always a hoot,
As parents watch their offspring looking cute.
Willing them to speak up more loudly,
Whether they are a King or a Shepherd or Joseph or Mary.

So on this Christmas day it is time to say,
Hope you are all having a really lovely day.
Happy Christmas to all my family and friends,
Relax and enjoy the day and sleep well at the end.

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