Strength and Weaknesses, poem by Marian Wood at

Strength and Weaknesses

Strength and Weaknesses

written by: Marian Wood



The tree stands majestic on top of the hill,
Its branches stretching to the sky, never still.
The wind it blows, it lets out a cry,
Its strength relentless, it will not die.

The storm it howls and the trees they sway,
The leaves furnish a carpet, on the floor they lay.
Rain is powerful, it lashes and thrashes,
It soaks me through and today my hopes it dashes.

Hopes and fears, not wanting to do wrong,
In this world we somehow all belong.
Our strengths and weaknesses make us still,
With love, our plans we hope to fulfil.

Here I am, my heart happy in the sun,
Not wanting to be weak, wanting to have fun.
So much is always running through my head,
I try and hide my fears, my inner dread.

We all need strength as we all may feel weak,
Sometimes its comfort that we hunt and seek.
Whether another person or just a warm mug of tea,
A need to be alone with a book and your own company.

All around us there really is just so much,
We need to be with others, feel others touch.
Strength and weakness, they go hand and hand,
We all need to live together and try and understand.

So, next time you are sat crying deep in despair,
It is normal to have thoughts of how it isn’t fair.
As the trees and the weather, the world it shows its power,
It’s for us to stand up to it, be the hero of the hour.

Strength and weakness, fragility it can keep us tired,
Easily hurt and relentless pain can keep us wired.
Working so hard to stay brave and strong,
Trying to get things right, determined to not be wrong.

So, we need to keep on going, living day by day,
Go out and be strong, let the fears hide and go away.
Watching life around us and the trees swaying in the breeze,
It’s for us to work together and consider other’s needs.

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