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Sander Weeteling



written by: Pranab Ghosh



She became a moth and flew
Inside the train compartment

I sat still, pitiless, remorseless,
Fist clenched to rival unknown enemies

I repented not being able to be
The butterfly that would keep her

Company. I repented for not
Being able to recognize her.

Yet she flew from one closed window
To the other and finally sat on my

Shirt sleeve. I looked at her
Tried to make her fly

Across the sitting co-passengers
To the door and out in the station

And from there to the evening
Sky outside. But she kept on

Sitting on my shirt sleeve and then
I spread my palm and she

Walked onto it. And I blew at
Her and she flew and sat

On the glass of a closed window
And then disappeared. Disappeared

Among the people standing inside and
Outside. Disappeared from

My world and dissolved into a
Nothingness where I belonged

With all my soul. A sigh escaped
Me forming silvery dark clouds

In the evening sky and it
Rained in a faraway desert

Creating an oasis where my lost
Soul traveled for a night’s rest.

Pranab Ghosh

Pranab Ghosh

Pranab Ghosh is a journalist, poet, author and translator. He has three published books to his credit. Air and Age (co-author; published from Kolkata), Soul Searching and Other Poems (first solo book of poems, published from Toronto) and Bougainvillea And Other Stories (a book of short stories in English, translated from the Bengali original). His poems have been published in Tuck Magazine, Harbinger Asylum, Literature Studio Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Leaves of Ink, Weasel Press, Dissident Voice and Hans India among others. He is married and at present is staying in Vijayawada, India.
Pranab Ghosh

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