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The Pilot Of My Dreams

The Pilot of My Dreams

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi



When I was a little boy,
I wondered if I could fly
I spent my time looking
at the clouds in the sky
With my eyes I followed the birds
when they went so high
And In the neighborhood I ran
after every butterfly ..

Like an architect I’ve drawn
some amazing flying objects
And I was serious
about all my wonderful projects
I made many paper planes
in every possible way
And from my little window
I’ve seen the wind taking them away ..

My friends loved to play
peter pan and the pirate
But in my corner with my dreams
I was the pilot
Oddly, I have become
an ordinary teacher
I deliver the learnings
to my students like a preacher ..

And my gentle words, echo in the walls,
like butterflies they go
From my mouth into the minds of the kids
like flowers they grow
We fly over the world
by riding the pages of every book
And we land our imagination
everywhere we look ..

We travel all over the time
to meet all the poets and writers
And we relive all the great battles
like pilots of jet fighters
My name in every heart that I touch
still rises
Like the great pilot of my dreams,
never dies ..

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