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Who Was She?

Who Was She?

written by: Dr Santosh Bakaya



I glimpsed her in the woods the other day
On her luscious lips, no smile did play.
No, she was no reaping and singing solitary reaper.
Dragonflies shamelessly wooed her, trying to heap her
With love eternal.
Her bangles jangled, as the dragonflies wrangled
To claim slivers of her cheeks as their own.

Her cheeks glowed, but she seemed undone
Her neat hair tied in a bun.
Did ‘some natural sorrow, loss or pain’, ripple in those eyes?
Huddle in those unvented sighs?
Had she been abandoned by her loved one?
Why did she loiter, alone, all alone in the jungle wild?

Tumultuous thoughts in my head, I mounted up the hill
Sensing her eyes piercing my back, ah that eerie chill!
Was there, in her eyes some prayer, some plea?
I whirled back, haunted by the look in her eyes.
She was nowhere in sight.
Was she, ‘Lost as a light is lost in light‘?
Or swept away by the tempest of someone’s love?

Often, when in my pondering I pause
I wonder who that utterly lost soul was.
Moving about with a mute plea in her eyes
Perhaps trying to mend some bruised ties?

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