We Two, poetry written by Aaron Marchant at Spillwords.com
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We Two

We Two

written by: Aaron Marchant


You fell in love with somebody
who looked something like me
A fiction of your own creation
An ersatz, pseudo simulacrum

He gained an inch or two in height
The wrongs he did were each made right
The jokes he told always amused
The errors that he made excused

His rectitude exaggerated
His virtues fetishised and fêted
And his habiliments outré
so dutifully explained away

His aching heart you soothed
His furrowed brow you smoothed
His trivial triumphs elevated
His frequent failures each negated

His burdened shoulders lightened
His optimism heightened
His sorrows now abated
His dreams fulfilled and sated

And so one asks; What could he do
by way of a merci beaucoup?
But fall in love with somebody
who looks something like you.

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