Tidal Wave written by L.M. Giannone at Spillwords.com

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

written by: L.M.Giannone



Large waves crashing over me
Pounding on the shore
Drag me in their undertow
Deafened by their roar
Swimming in your ocean
Intoxicated by your presence
Spelunking through your caverns
Drowning in your essence
Quickly losing buoyancy
Sinking out of view
Water occupies my lungs
Weighted down by the anchor of you
Coastal winds picking up
I swim against the current
Caught up in your riptide
My attraction grows fervent
Drifting farther out to sea
Away from safety’s reach
Wishing for a life line
Or a rescue boat back to beach
It’s futile to fight a tidal wave
Its size is too immense
Overwhelmed by your profound effect
My feelings are so intense
If we cannot be together
Then release the ties that bind
And leave me lying on the shore
For another beachcomber to find

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