The Light Of Day written by Kelli J Gavin at

The Light Of Day

The Light Of Day

written by: Kelli J Gavin



I can not see the light of day
When I have always been led astray
I may be in a new state of decay
And I beg you, do not take me away

Seek me, pull me, deliver me out!
Search me, find me, before I shout!

I am lost and can only pray
Not sure if I am able to find my way
I am only surviving in the fray
For I can not see the light of day.



A close friend of mine struggles with
depression. In hearing her talk,
I find beauty in her words.
Beauty even in her struggle.
She may not be able to see it yet.
Maybe not even ever.
But as speaks to me,
and share her heart,
I turn her words into poetry
and the cry of her heart.

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