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The Calling

written by: Arlene Antoinette


Do not beckon me to destruction
When the sky is clear and blue
When the warm wind blows summer melodies
In the blissful month of June

Or call to me on a sunlit Monday
When the air smells pure and clean
When love and trees are budding
And the earth whispers buried secrets to me

Call me in the bleak of winter
When ice and cold snaps limbs from trees
When children fear to tread outdoors
And nightmares enter dreams

I will come to you most willingly then
For what have I to fear
I have survived the chill of death’s touch on my soul
It will be you who’s in my snare.

Arlene Antoinette

Arlene Antoinette

Arlene Antoinette is a poet of West Indian birth who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Brooklyn College and worked as an instructor with disabled individuals for many years. You may find additional work by Arlene at Foxglove Journal, Little Rose Magazine, I am not a silent Poet, Tuck Magazine, The Feminine Collective, The Open Mouse, Amaryllis Poetry, Boston Accent Lit, Sick Lit Magazine, Postcard Shorts, 50 Word Stories, The Ginger Collect, Neologism Poetry Journal and Your Daily Poem.
Arlene Antoinette

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