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First, a thank you to all you reading this piece. The first of eight poems. This series is called “voices on skin.”
Connecticut is facing difficult times and many are struggling.



This poem is about a single mother of two children, losing a job, drop in wages and a fear of not finding enough hours within the day to work, she has found sleep comes with great effort and she is weary. I have spoken with her about her struggles, this is about her and her children and what I see when I listen to her and look at her expressions as we spoke. Her name or rather what she would like to go by, is Nikki. Mid 30’s with 2 young children in school. She has taken a drastic cut in wages and is currently working 32 to 40 hours a week and barely making it. This is for Nikki and the voice I see upon you. I hope this poem conveys the same emotion o felt from her.
Feel free to leave your comments. I greatly appreciate them. Thank you for reading this..


Greed And War

written by: Beth Tremaglio



The whisper of an economy falling, heard through the

of greed and war.
From the heavens rains of injustice seeping,
Poverty slowly crawling,
Lives begin weeping.
I saw a hundred, maybe more, running to find refuge from this war.

The sonant of this war forming upon her flesh,
Weariness her garment,
Pockets pained with stillness,
Greed has demanded tithe,

Poverty’s looming nightly tap, constant and slow,
Skin pales,
The night sky tearful,
Sleep she can no longer hold.

Waking to dawn,
Colors bleeding,
Upon her skin dismay showing,
Her children are breaking bread with greed and war!
Poverty has begun to birth, hungers and demands more,
She takes less this morn,
In hopes her young do not feel gluttony’s sword.

Youthful mind aged from this war,
Fragmented pictures of what is no more,
Wages lost,
Dwelling foreclosed upon,
Job of numbered years gone.
She sits and stares into the eye of greeds door,
gluttony its core.
She exclaims to greed and war,
“I have done what is right,”
“I have played by your rules!”
“I have worked harder for less upon your command!”
“This tithe I can longer give!”

Greed and gluttony proclaim,

“Justice is not our due!”
“Fair is not our claim!”

“We can turn man to beast in this war,
by man we are clothed, a woman’s decor!”
“You are how we become more!”
“Of you we must feast!”
“You have stated your case!”

“Tithe has increased, we, greed and gluttony have commanded day
To give you one more laborious hour!”

Anxious etched upon her skin,
Weariness her unchangable cloth,
She knows, soon, less will be all that is left to tithe to greed and war.

Of the day she will continue to beg, for one more laboring hour,
In hopes her children do not feel, the more demanded from gluttony’s sword.


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