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In Need Of A New Heart

In Need Of A New Heart

written by: Donna Africa



Give me a New Heart
I plead with you!
As this old heart
so battered, tired and used
can no longer take or sustain
all these excruciating pangs of pain
you have subjected it to!

Give me a New Heart
I beg of you, please
So I can no longer feel
this ravenous, aching hunger and need
embedded deep down inside of me
but now just an empty shell
where my heart used to dwell!

Give me a New Heart
as I desperately need
one that does not shed
a tear, bleed or grieve
since losing you and
knowing that our great love
between you and me
was just a fantasy
and never really meant to be!

Give me a New Heart
I implore you
One that has a passive
sedated, sluggish heart beat
as this roaring, raging
restless & racing heart beat
keeps missing a beat
whenever I think of you!

Give me a New Heart
I beseech you
A heart made of black marble
A shield so apathetic and unyielding,
unbreakable and impenetrable
to shatter or break in two
at the mere thought of you
with someone new!


Wth Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa “The Queen of Dreams”

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