Cyberworld Excursions with Alice, poetry by DJ Elton at
Daniel Lincoln

Cyberworld Excursions with Alice

Cyberworld Excursions with Alice

written by: DJ Elton



Alice, the girl who never likes to be bored
Takes a trip in twenty-twenty and
Taps some buttons, slides her finger
Across glowing surfaces, activates the magic code and
Reaches places not well-known.
Joins the dots, taps the icons and
In she goes.
Hangs out.
Where am I today? She wonders.
This establishment is new enough
Lots of gates to enter, a bit confusing
Hmm. So let’s read the signs.
Which one to choose? Too many choices.
Brain pain again.
Aha! This one looks alright.
Colour. Laughter. Bright lights. Chatty-chat.
It’s a definite haven so Alice steps inside
Meekly at first then she becomes bolder
There are traces of the Jabberwok everywhere
Illusion all around.
Some Illusions left behind. Shed. Dropped.
She must be careful. Certain of her intentions
No getting sidetracked by some pretty people here
Or Ugly Monsters there. No, she has a task.
To find It and relieve It of Its
Existential angst. Behead It once and for all.
The Jabberwok has taken too many hostages already
Now’s the time for some Authenticity.

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