Black Puma Eyes, poetry by DJ Elton at
Andriyko Podilnyk

Black Puma Eyes

Black Puma Eyes

written by: DJ Elton



Eyes like blue diamonds lit brightly,
He rests them on what isn’t broken.
Sees the clean feelings; the joy, the wonder, the freedom.
Sees it all in a rolling wave. Such indulgent tenderness
As a tear or two slip from his pretty dark lashes.
He hasn’t yet realised he’s so in need of this,
Yet he’s so not used to it and his heart flutters,
Pitter – pat – patter – pitter – pat and
You want to feel that you will never let him down,
Always keep him high and strong
In a world of generous trueness.
It is an impossible ideal because
He is flawed, and yearning twice as much as everyone
And you, angel, will have to let go.
There are many others to see and believe in.

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