I'd Like To Tell You About The Time I Heard The Owl Call written by Catherine MacMillan Sihoe at Spillwords.com

I’d Like To Tell You About The Time I Heard The Owl Call

I’d Like To Tell You About The Time I Heard The Owl Call

written by: Catherine MacMillan Sihoe



I’d like to tell you about the time I heard the owl call

It heard my name and flew to me
     Across a moonlit night

I raised my arm
     And opened my hand to feel her belly as she flew

On silent wing
     She passed over my head

          When you see her close
               Like I do
                    You know the power of her will

     That she would hold the highest level of wisdom
          To your heart
               Given half a chance
          So that as you listen there
               With your heart
          You would know all she has to share
                    And more,
                         With boundless joy in the exchange

We know not where these winds of change will take us

There are,
     In all likelihood,
          Endless combinations of truth
               Waiting to be unfurled
                    Upon the sun rise
              But till then…

Let us instead
     Hear owls’ gentle calling as a sign of hope
          That all we do
               Will work together for the greater good

Lift your head
     And let the moonlight fill your face with love

          Feel the cool night air as a kiss upon your cheek

               Kick off your shoes
                    And feel the grass between your toes

               Breathe the night air
                    With the intent
                         To feel her passionate touch

And let the energy in this place
     Be one with yours
          In such a way
               That all those here
                    Know your presence
                         As the best of news

Call me to you
     Like the owl
          To her favourite tree

Allow me in to your loving arms
     Without hesitations of any sort

               Let this be your peace filled journey

We can be that
     For each other
          If we choose

Let me kiss your lips goodnight

     This night
          And every night
               Near and far

This gesture is love
     Simply love
          No more
               No less

Let it in
     It’s who you are

               A flower

                         Waiting to receive the bee


© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved Catherine ~ On Spirits’ Wings

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Catherine is a Spiritual Medium, Channel and Animal Spirit Communicator who works with people worldwide, through social media. Catherine’s knowledge of the unseen has developed through adherence to continuous spiritual guidance from the energy she calls ‘Spirit’ from whom she channels stories, communication with spirits of the living and those passed over, as well as beautiful words of wisdom, love, light and spiritual guidance for people around the world when they choose to, 'Ask Spirit' through Catherine.
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