OO oo Cat, a poem by Richard Prime at Spillwords.com

OO oo Cat

OO oo Cat

written by: Richard Prime


She’s sleeping on the hearthrug,
Her nose upon the floor,
Or curled up on the sofa, purring low,
Her pelt smoothed back, she’s settled and
Will soon retract her claws,
OO oo Cat, asleep by firelight’s glow;

At night time, from the garden,
She’s upon the window sill,
Scratching at the pane with big white paw,
Sometimes when I’m lonely,
I wonder, if she’s she still
That rum tum tugger on the wrong side of the door?

She leaps into your lap
And strokes her cheek against your hand,
Or brushes by your legs, her tail held high,
Her piercing gaze will catch you,
Then a hungry, meowled demand;
I never thought our OO oo Cat would die;

Cats come and go, in their disguise
As hunter, friend and foe,
But loved they are, for if you’ve loved
A Cat you can’t pretend
That hearthrug, home and sofa
Are not empty when they go;
OO oo Cat: our family and friend.

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