All Gone Down written by Rich at

All Gone Down

All Gone Down

written by: Rich



Accorns* & The Berries* They’re aliases yes
Headhunter’s, Bushwackers, ICF’s
Blue is the colour in this f ‘in verse
No one likes them anymore now their bubbles burst
Aimie & Bowie R I P God Bless
What’s All Gone Down In London Town is anybody’s guess

Down Gin alley drunk on a penny
For two drunk and dead
As Lewis Carroll’s Queen had said
“Off with their heads”
Or to The Tower was of the hour
The Old Bailey to Newgate
It’s All Gone Down In London Town the devil’s advocate

Charles Dickens own Mad Hatter
Artful Dodger and Bill Sykes
Tiny Tim, Thief Fagin, Scrooge and the like
Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Oliver I think we missed
All Gone Down
In London Town
Tales with a Twist



*Names have been changed where no verdict/confession.

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