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  1. Where do you originate from?
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York until I entered the US Army. Came home, went to two colleges there and finally left with a wife where we spent a year in Albuquerque where we realized we were city people and ended up living in San Francisco for eighteen years.
  1. What do you cherish most about the place you call home?

I have lived in Venice, California since 1993, and I found a home here. I am not an “LA” person but I’m a Venice person because Venice is like Brooklyn in that people walk and say hello to each other, and that is quite different from the rest of LA where people get into their cars and the bubble created there. They often carry that bubble around with them which creates an isolation. Venice is a neighborhood and a community.

  1. What ignites your creativity?

I am ignited creatively by this gnawing aspect of my inner self to explore and express my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I’m am almost pathologically curious, so I’m never bored. I mostly get jazzed by the creativity of others. I love reading something that makes me think: “I wish I came up with that.” But most of all I am consumed with a passion for discovery of my human condition and that of others. So my writing tends to be character driven.

  1. Do you have a favorite word and could you incorporate it into a poetic phrase?

I have a few words that seem to appear in my writing here and there, two of which are: the moon, and rain. These two things are part of my mystery. They seem to impose themselves into my consciousness. I love when it rains because it inspires me. It soothes me. And the moon is a mystery that speaks to the solo journey we are all actually on in one way or another.

  1. What is your pet peeve?

Pet peeve, that is complicated in many different ways. I am an old street fighter from my youth, so I am twisted out of shape by bullies, racists, and anyone who imposes their broken selves upon others. In that way I’m an old school romantic who believes the strong protect the weak.

  1. How would you describe the essence of Roy Eisenstein?

Hmm? My essence? I’m a very easy going man, but don’t mess with me. I am good at defending my boundaries. I have always been funny and so I still make both serious and comedic short films as well as spoken word pieces. Poetry and writing lyrics is a daily journey for me. And I also have two novels on Amazon. So I believe it is true for me to say that writing and creativity are my drugs of choice.

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