Ladybird Life, poetry written by DJ Elton at
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Ladybird Life

Ladybird Life

written by: DJ Elton



Monday, in the kitchen chopping some spinach
Dark green, luscious crinkled
Checking more carefully than usual for bugs. My friend likes organic.
I encountered you. All golden with brown spots. Not red.
I thought you could be dead but
You slipped onto my finger ever so gently and
The kindness in me decided to take you outside
To munch on the tomato plant.
Windy day with sunshine brightly, the tomatoes did not seem a fitting home for you,
Not looking like a forest, standing in their plastic pots.
I took you further, past the cactus to the red-green leaved tree.
Don’t know its name. And I wasn’t even sure then
If you were dead or play acting,
But you certainly grounded to my finger and slowly
One by one little thin legs emerged. You moved
As I tried to rest you on the fresh leaves, a splendid breakfast.
But you wouldn’t budge off my finger.
You clung to my skin and finally
You leapt up, swelling in your shell and flew off
Into the fairyland of our back garden
Leaving me with memories and a poem.

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