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Dawn To His Night

written by: Saahil Tatkare


It's been so long, that
He's been trying to write this
But he couldn't; maybe the words
Failed to do the Justice.
Like the rain showers that
Slake the barren farm.
She does the same to his heart
with her beautiful charm.
She is the twinkling star
To his dark Night Sky
She is the only truth
To his every cute lie.
She has a beautiful smile
That is full of charm
She has the beauty of innocence
And a heart so warm.
She is the only metaphor
For his gratification
Where he finds the solitude
Even in isolation.
Sometimes, he is afraid
Even though he is brave
Because the world is mean
And she is a little naive.
The life seemed to him
Like the darkest night
Until she walked in
As a beacon light.
Now, he says that
Someone has said it right,
That "there's a dawn
At the end of every night!"

Saahil Tatkare

Saahil Tatkare

"Writers live twice..!"
A poet by passion with words of compassion
Saahil Tatkare

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