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Laura Adai



written by: Lucreția Lixandru



my hair is my power, that’s
why I keep it short
so it can’t be pulled only
for a short time, from
a consensual distance.

brush and go, eventually
dye every now and then.
ain’t nobody got time for more than that
hair salon time, a moment in time
for chit-chat and giggles, doesn’t matter
that there are women
of all the ages and social backgrounds, it’s
something just about us, the girls,
taking the power of our hair back

“But long hair is sexy and, oh, so feminine!”
I’ve been told for so long
that these words don’t even have a sound
yes, it might be. but short hair is me
being my very own, genuine self.
I’ve heard that also counts
as sex appeal. I won’t
lose myself for thirsty gazes,
I’m not 15 anymore.

grandma’s hair was long, carefully braided
always the same style. a ritual
she kept till the end.
my hair is short,
and just as powerful. long
enough to feel the power
of being a woman in a shaking world, to
feel the wind and the rain brushing it,
cleaning it, another ritual
as no man ever will
take nature from me.

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