Love Was Always More Than You Think, poetry written by Lucretia Lixandru and Karina Cseres at
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Love Was Always More Than You Think

Love Was Always More Than You Think

written by: Lucreția Lixandru and Karina Cseres



and I suppose my love language was far from gift cards at Dior and hearing I love you more
and more. of course, you would say that maybe words of affirmation are just not my go to
today, but oh, boy, if you could just understand how good it feels NOT to feel absent in your
own relationship. I don’t want names like princess or love, you can just call me home. The
the difference always stays in the tone, but honey, if I were to choose between love and war,
I would choose where my heart belongs, and that’s love, my home. love is such a neglected
aspect because people want to be right and in love, everything feels right but particular. it
changes from here to there, it sparkles, it strengthens, and it gains space. but at our love,
the issue was that what you thought was giving love was not how I wanted to receive it, and maybe
that’s why I still bloom and you look away.
all I wanted was to get to know you, to go on little dates and feel free of our bodies and depths,
to feel the butterflies in every inch of my stomach and face, to bake things, take risks,
dance and sing, run between two rings, and make me enjoy forever like it’s the time we met.
love is when
your name sounds outrageous when it belongs to other men
when your hands draw new maps on my skin, making me shiver and scream,
is what happens when you hold my hand and I feel your eyes watching me
as I smile and bloom and erupt
into an outburst of passion, loyalty, and euphoria, when every cell
of this imperfect body misses you when you’re away, it’s what keeps fear
at distance from me and my soul,
cause love
and fear will never share the space. it is
when I send you letters that were written
sober, letters
containing every thought that haunted me
for days and nights and noons, but was afraid
of telling them right away, looking you
in the eye as I speak my truth. love
means finally having something
to lose.

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