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Magic Flows In The Wounded Places

Magic Flows In The Wounded Places

written by: Doug Stanfield (Hemmingplay)



Magic flows in the
wounded places,
brings new life,
new pains,
new patterns,
new hope.
But the risks…

We’re surrounded by
unfinished things,
always taking the present
and turning it into the future,
over and over and over and over…
it doesn’t end until we do.
Creating courage never ends,
is never perfect,
always full of doubt,
always becoming.

Love is the only reason to risk everything.
We know the risks,
we know what loss feels like,
and we know what it takes to choose
to love totally, with humility,
to push away the failure of
imagination that
haunts the halls of the
minds of the old.
We just must choose to risk it all.

Time, the value of it,
grows stronger with age.
We live lives surrounded by unfinished things,
Our birth not completed until
the moment of our death.

And yet, and yet….
I welcome
The joyful bubbling flashing insanity
I did not think possible again.
But, there it is, love,
Flowing in the wounded places,
bringing life,
Insistent, chaotic, full of power
Heedless of ridiculousness,
As careless of risk
as an young eagle
leaping from the nest,
chancing the air.

Unfinished lives,
on the cusp of tomorrow,

until, happy and spent,
we sleep in each other’s arms
surrounded by wonder and content,
odorous with love.

“If we should fail?”

Lady Macbeth:
“We fail.
But screw your courage to the sticking place,
And we’ll not fail.”

Doug Stanfield (Hemmingplay)

Doug Stanfield (Hemmingplay)

“Hemmingplay,” is the pen name of Doug Stanfield, who grew up on a family farm in western Ohio, went with his parents for two years in Karachi, Pakistan, in high school and had lived, until recently, in Bellefonte, PA with his late wife, Wilda and their two sons, Ben and John. Doug was a writer, editor and director of internet communications at Penn State for 26 years. He has had a few disreputable occupations, including newspaper reporter and editor, and public relations flak, but is trying to make amends for his sins by writing poetry and fiction.
When his sons were safely off making their own mistakes, he turned on the computer one day, stared at the screen for what seemed a long time, and began to learn the craft anew at age 67.
Doug has published three books so far: "Mermaid Sisters: First Dive", a children's book on iTunes/iBook; "I Came From A Place of Fireflies" published as a paperback and Kindle on Amazon, and a new book of poetry, "Snowflakes & Ashes: Meditations on the Temporary”, available as both an ebook and as a paperback. (Gatekeeper Press) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and a few others.)
Doug Stanfield (Hemmingplay)

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