I Know Who You Are, poetry by Liz Smith at Spillwords.com
Peyman Farmani

I Know Who You Are

I Know Who You Are

written by: Liz Smith


We’re not strangers,
you and I
I know who you are
I knew that you would come; I sensed
your presence lurking, waiting
for that sign of vulnerability
the way a tiger does
And I thought that I was doing well,
but you knew otherwise.
With practised instincts well in tune,
you sprang …
And I crumpled …

Yes, I knew that you would come,
yet still, you caught me unprepared
You knocked me down! … but now,
I’m standing up again; I will resist,
not with aggression, no
with the power to accept – to accept
what is written in the archives
of destiny. It’s what the wise ones do.
There’s no defeat in acceptance,
acceptance is freedom,
the freedom to love and to remember
without pain. Time, too,
will be my ally,
Patience, my friend

I know who you are
And I’m wiser now
I comprehend your purpose here,
so please know this: You’re free to go,
I’ll hold you not against your wish.
Neither will you hold me. That way,
we liberate each other,
you and I

Yes, I know who you are
The world would call you Grief
To me you’re just …

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