Decades, prose written by Andy Edge at
Chang Duong



written by: Andy Edge


There’s an enduring bond between souls who’ve traversed every chapter of life together. It’s a connection forged from shared experiences of joy and sorrow, victories and challenges, love and grief. Despite space through the decades, we’ve stood as steadfast allies, resilient, and bound by an unbreakable thread that draws us back together time after time. In their eyes, I see echoes of my own journey, and their tears are the same color as mine and we find comfort in our shared humanity. And then we embrace, and take a deep breath because finally, we are home.



I have a group of friends that I have known since we were very young children. And though life has taken us all on different routes, we continue to connect through the years, as if by an invisible force that brings us together time and again. I wrote this little prose after a recent trip we took together as we draw near five decades of friendship.

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