Deep Breath is A Dose, poetry by George Siaway Karnea Boakai at

Deep Breath Is A Dose

Deep Breath is a Dose

written by: George Siaway Karnea Boakai


Taking a stand behind the microphone
Chanting above your listener’s height for favors
Resolving the wars within your heart, of what to say or where to start
With push and push, take a dose

Sitting upon the edges of broken glasses
Or lying upon a bed of polluted gasses
There is an unceasing pain stuck within your belly
With push and pull, take a dose

Situated in the middle of the crossed roads
With dilemma dancing to the beats of your heart
Like a mask dancing to the beats of congas
With push and pull, take a dose

Off and On like the light expected by Country
Dim and Bright like the bulb born of fluctuations
burning down your soul to flames and ashes
With push and pull, take a Deep Breath.

Diagnosing the infections under your sleeves
With no hope of procuring recovery medications
Like in and out, with a long hold take a deep breath, take a rest, and take a nap
A deep breath is a dose, like First Aid.

George Siaway Karnea Boakai

George Siaway Karnea Boakai

My name is George Siaway Karnea Boakai, with a pen and well-known name Compoze. I was born on April 29, 1995, in Ghanta city Nimba County, Liberia. I am a freelancer, a poet, a storyteller, a song writer, a singer, a rapper and an aspiring Anthropologist. I started writing when I was a kid, but I recognized that I am a writer in the year 2018. Poetry is the mirror that I see myself in on a day-to-day basis, it is the way I tell my millions of stories to the world. Poetry is one of the many ways I talk about my country Liberia and its long years of civil unrest to the world, it is the way by which I want to be heard and read about.
George Siaway Karnea Boakai

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