Man and The Voices, poetry by George Siaway Karnea Boakai at
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Man and The Voices

Man and The Voices

written by: George Siaway Karnea Boakai


I hear two voices tattling inside of me
one says yes and the other says no
one says go and the other asking a stay

those voices beat in my head like congas embracing mask’s dance on festival day
those voices fight with me like a roaring Lion fighting a Cage’s battle on slaughter day

I hear two voices quarreling above my height and sounding betwixt my heart
one is harsh and hotter and the other is still and cooler

those voices play push and start in my head
those voices give me the choice to act up my agency

I hear two voices singing inside of me
one singing Hymns and Psalms to the LORD most high, father of eternity
with one ragging praise and worship to the morning star, Prince of dark days

those voices may navigate my path to the light or darkness as I would heed to either
those may pay me prizes of worth or a parcel of worst
upon my “Act, Seek, and Knock” ASK!

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