Women at Crossroads, poem by Jen Schneider at Spillwords.com
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Women at Crossroads

Women at Crossroads

20 (plus) Ways to Disrupt a Timeline

written by: Jen Schneider


1. To vote :: an exercise in disruption
2. when reasons :: to march are many
3. and identity :: crosses lines
4. Marked and monitored :: by souls
5. demanding spots :: named mine
6. Soles stretched of leather :: boots tied and knotted
7. Primed to trace pathways :: performed and paraded
8. Grace :: on full display
9. As language lingers :: on handwritten signs
10. Habits haunt hallways :: and hallmarks of timelines
11. Feedings :: in nostrils
12. Beatings :: on buttocks
13. The price :: paid by some
14. The prize :: lost for none
15. To vote :: is it more noun or verb
16. To march :: to generate speech in new forms
17. Of gowns and grains :: by the pound
18. Of witch hunts :: and hounds
19. Ultimate disruptions :: converted for all time
20. from past :: to present and future forms

women named ___ and ___.
also ___, marched in
irregular form. on asphalt,
in linen, of (p)lace and thyme.
in high-heels and high-
tide. of all forms of speech.
a statement of movements
and moments turned minutes
for all time (and timelines)
/ each mark / march
a stitch
/ of disruption
in dress / addressed

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