This One Life, poetry by JahArt Kushite at

This One Life

This One Life

written by: JahArt Kushite



I face this life, this cruel life and give it an unflinching gaze
And clip its tentacles that more than once clasped and cast me into a maze
I fight this one life, that drew no map or marked a path nor left an Atlas
Every day is a battlefield punctuated with sorrows and grief that never last

I face this life, this brutal life with eyes of an eagle
I bitterly swallow my pride and bury my ego
Every day is a struggle spiraling my soul to excruciating pangs of pain
I wrestle this one life that constantly glares at me in disdain

I face this life, this precious life with a sweet smile
Knowing, all that is living matter is for a while
I welcome this one life with a warm broad embrace
Come rain or sunshine, I feel the raindrops ‘n let the rays shine upon my face.

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