The Commuter, poem by Raeesa Usmani at

The Commuter

The Commuter

written by: Raeesa Usmani



narrow lanes and crowded footpaths
the dumpster near the parking space
the homeless elderly folks lying on
the dirty mat, standing near the gate
begging, aimlessly gazing, or sipping small tea
are my walking mates, for years

we don’t talk to each other
but we know that we’ll notice
the usual presence at the fixed spot(s)
on weekly mornings and evenings
without fail, at the same place
daily. no change.

none usually call a day off
as I go to the office by the same train
at the same time, everyday
a routine I’ve been living for years.

sometimes irritated, someday contented
some mornings exhausted, anxious, or in pain
holding onto an umbrella, all sweaty, or
shivering despite being wrapped up in woollens

seasons change, moods change
people change, since the world’s a stage
the station, lanes, and crowd
remain the same. there. unchangeable.

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