Her Beauty is My Euphoria, poem by Muideen at Spilwords.com
Austin Wilcox

Her Beauty is My Euphoria

Her Beauty is My Euphoria

written by: Muideen



you’re the water that germinates my plants – without you, my leaves will dry & die.
tell me, how would a disgruntled baby sleep when the night comes to stay without a luring lyrical lullaby, you’re the lullaby, I’m the baby.

hundreds of pages won’t be enough to write a poem to ballyhoo your beauty
& the illusion of your purity. You must be a competent chauffeur because you’re driving me insane. I hope nature would be fair enough one day to grant me a night with you, so I’ll reside my neurotic head on your broad chest & our love will live not for a day but forever.

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