Gridiron Greats, poem by John Grochalski at
Lucas Andrade

Gridiron Greats

Gridiron Greats

written by: John Grochalski



there were three of them

the coach had those boys
chase me around the track

because he thought i was dogging it in practice

all three offensive linemen
all a year older
huge and more mature

yellow-toothed giants
grinning like murderers
whenever i looked back

chasing me until i fell on the cinder
dry heaving instead of vomiting

two of them picking me up
putting my arms over their shoulders

like a torture victim

dragging me over
to the other lineman

tossing my limp body back on the grass

so that they could
bend down into their three-point stances
with all of the other heroes

ready to

set and punch
set and punch


like all the gridiron greats
who came before them.

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