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To Love And Work

To Love and Work

written by: K.D. Rose



We carry small choices across generations,

resurrecting puzzles and pale faces,

daring, fertile,

as if suffering and pleasure will one day prove a great feast.

We are auctioned daily at our desks.

We are proficient at all weather smiles,

trudge home in burnt clothes,

yearning for eyes that see.

The surge and swell of inner tides exposed by lamplight

floods and wraps around us.

Invisible hands write, piercing our day of veils.

I turn myself into a green field of daisies.

I will be spring.

K.D. Rose

K.D. Rose

K. D. Rose is a poet and author. K. D.’s book, Inside Sorrow, won Readers Favorite Silver Medal for Poetry. Her latest release is Brevity of Twit. Her poetry and short stories have been published in Candlelit Journal, the Voices Project, showcased in the Tophat Raven Art and Literary Magazine, and on Creative Thresholds online. Poetry publication is also forthcoming in Poetry Breakfast, Stray Branch Magazine and The Nuclear Impact Anthology.
She has a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work. K.D. regrets not possessing a piece of paper that says MFA but hopes you won't hold that against her.
K.D.'s favorite writers are dead and her other favorite writers are unknowns she reads in Lit mags.
K.D. Rose

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