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written by: Zia Marshall


Where masks fly off
Literally and figuratively
And you kick off your shoes
Sliding into authenticity

Cups of coziness
In freshly brewed coffee
Dipping into well-thumbed books aplenty
While the Muse visits you on wings of poesy

Lazy evenings on your little porch
A cool drink…watching the flaming torch
Dipping behind the shady canopy
Making way for the twinkling panoply

Pouring over long-forgotten recipes
‘Ah remember the time we used to make these’
Jostling for space in the tiny kitchen
Measuring, mixing, baking in shared unison

Your special corner marked by seclusion
In your little world, you brook no intrusion
Settling into introspection, rumination
Till charming black-winged visitor coos a greeting

Zia Marshall

Zia Marshall

Zia Marshall, with an MPhil and PhD in English Literature, is a Learning Designer and Communication Specialist skilled in performance and competency development for personal and professional growth. She has created context-sensitive, solution-oriented e-learning, blended learning, and mobile learning programs for corporate houses like Wipro, Infosys, HCL, DHL, IIIT, Macmillan and also for the education sector. She has published a course on Time Management for Productivity and Work-Life Balance at Udemy. Her short stories have been featured in Adelaide Literary Magazine, the Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore, Contemporary Literary Journal of India and the Scarlet Leaf Review.
Zia Marshall

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