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Burden Of Whites

written by: Nivedita Roy



It's not about black, brown or white
It's not how your skin responds in light,
It's not how or who lured your sight...
It's about who outshines bright
Whose manners are prudish,
And deeds are right...
Who scintillate deep dark night
And all who deserve, to be at that height.
It's about re-evaluating
Our age-old knights,
Who built their thrones
Amidst the "war", named to mighty fights!
It's about renaissance,
Of who affirmed with all main and might
Of who, were tagged burdens
Over the fragile waning shoulders of whites.

Nivedita Roy

Nivedita Roy

I have been writing since I was seven years old. I write, as an outcome of love, rebellion, instability, ecstasy and all I experience. I write poems, stories and working on fiction. Still a student, so don't get much time..
Nivedita Roy

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