Again and Again, poetry written by Nivedita Roy at
Alexander Aashiesh

Again and Again

Again and Again

written by: Nivedita Roy



This dull wetness of nulling breeze
This gloomy brightness of sunny clouds
the hazy peace and screaming chaos
in the settled world of unsettling house
trees ripped half
for air, do we starve
ruckus for thrones beneath mellow canvas
rustic in homes are staling carcass
bribing our breath,
are we striving for death?
on these lullaby of lies,
are we spawning like flies?
shall we live this or shall we all die?
might this distress us,
we will never fail but fiercely try…
our best and worsts, our doubts and trusts;
our “our’s” are now; the let alone power.
we’ll gather and dance
against this satanic romance
along God and few Goodmen
will we conquer all, again and again..!



In these testing times of Covid pandemic; we require communities to work enormously.
When person to person is prohibited, we need to stand up and lend a hand for every other person. So take a step, for a smallest help can save a person, a family, a community and this world; as whole.

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